With average of nine liters of milk konsumed by individual last years, Indonesia has the lowest level of milk consumpption in Asia. Indosians consume less milk than people living in malaysia around 25,4 liters and Vetnam around 10,7 liters, according to the food processing and packging company. If the level of comsumpsion in increased then welfare of dairy farmers is also increased as well as the prospect of national milk industry, said Agricultural ministry director Chairul Rahman, as quoted by Antara news agency on tuesday.

Data from health ministry shows that from 1970 to 2000 the level milk comsumption increased from 4,68 liters/person and / year. This leve was lower than that Malaysia with the average of consumption of 20 liters /person in 2000.

ok friends its just information for you. And iam not drunk a milk….wkwkwkwkwk

About erfanmath

Erfan adalah guru matematika di SMA Unggulan BPPT Darus Sholah Jember dan juga sebagai pembimbing olympiade matematika SD, SMP, dan SMA

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